Ear health advices

Fragile and so useful, our hearing system needs proper care, which we tend to ignore. The consequences are varied, from discomfort to real conditions that can affect our hearing. The best tips for having healthy ears are easy to put into practice. The ritual of cleaning and care is the most important step in this process, but there are tricks to turn the urban space, hostile and noisy, into a friendly environment for your ears.

Currently Emma’s microsuction ear wax removal clinic’s are at Fairfield Park Health Centre, 47 Tyning Ln, Bath, BA1 6EA. Emma does clinics on a Friday, and sometimes other days in the week, please call to check when there is availability. Microsuction is a safe wax-removal technique using specialised a high magnification binocular operating microscope allowing depth-perception and magnification to look directly into the ear canal. The clinician then uses a very fine sterile suction device at safe low pressure to remove the wax buildup. Read extra details at Ear syringing in Bath UK.

High volume music affects the ears: This is as true as possible. Music given too loud, for long periods of time, can destroy the ear. If you hear a continuous sound in your ear it means that you exaggerated with the noise. You also pay attention to the volume of the music when listening to headphones. What can hurt the ears: A blow to the ear, like a palm, can pierce the eardrum. In most cases, the membrane will self-renew in 6 weeks, but the ear should be kept dry during this time. If you get hit when you’re in the water, you have a better chance of choosing the broken eardrum because of the force exerted by the water.

It is a misconception that the ears should be washed daily. The cerumen has a protective role for the auditory canal and must be allowed to perform its function. You can wash the outer surface of the ear canal with warm water once, twice a week, and then wipe thoroughly. You can use the corner of a handkerchief or a clean towel, soaked in warm water, to rotate around the ear flag. Source: https://www.bathearcare.co.uk/.