Premium PCR test in Manchester, London and Liverpool

Best PCR test in Liverpool, Manchester and London? A PCR test in Manchester involves a swab to the back of the throat and/or mouth by one of our registered health care professionals. This is then taken to our partner lab for analysis with results being issued within 12 to 48 hours depending on the service you choose. A fit to fly covid test is a travel certificate, signed by a doctor and accredited lab that states you do not have COVID-19. This is then presented to your airline and/or destination country proving you are fit to travel abroad. Antigen testing is another option available for only Italy and some part of China, although the list of countries accepting the antigen test is constantly changing. To find a full list of destination requirements click here.

How do I book a Fit to Fly COVID test? You can book a PCR test by getting in touch with us today and clicking the make an appointment link. How long does a fit to fly test take? A fit to fly certificate for COVID-19 usually only takes 5 to 10 minutes to administer. Results from a fit to fly covid test usually come back within 12 to 48 hours depending on the service paid for. Can I use an NHS test for travel? No, you cannot. These tests are not recognised by international border staff or airlines. You will need to have a coronavirus private test administered. The NHS tests are designed for people that show symptoms or believe they have come in to contact with some who is COVID-19 positive. It is a misuse of government testing to use the NHS test for your travel. For travel you require a PCR test that is stamped and signed by a verified lab and doctor, not an NHS test.

How long does the test take? The testing itself takes 15 minutes, result issuance is dependant on the service and clinic you select which ranges from 12 to 48 hours. How long is the fit to fly certificate valid for? So this really depends on the country you are intending to travel to. But generally speaking this is valid from 3 days to a week but every country has different guidelines. How much does the COVID-19 test cost? The test starts from £149 upwards depending on the type of test carried out. Does my destination require a fit to fly certificate? Generally speaking you can check which countries require it by going to their relevant government and embassy websites or searching our travel requirement database. Countries that require the test include the UAE, China, South Korea, Singapore and many more. More information can be obtained regarding travel information for the UK here. Read even more details on PCR Test London. RT-PCR Nasal Swab Test : This is the most common test that countries will ask for. It is a very straight forward test where you or the doctor places a swab in your nose and then it is sent to a laboratory to see if you are COVID-19 Positive. This is mainly used for travel.

Why Do I need a Private COVID-19 Test? When considering if you should get a private Covid-19 test, it is worth noting that most countries now require a negative test on arrival. The test also gives a cerificate which alows you to travel and go to other countries, as well as reduce your self-isolation period after international travel. What is a Private COVID-19 Test? A private COVID-19 Test is a nose and throat swab which tells you if you are Covid-19 positive. The test is is made by professional staff and then sent to a laboratory, with the results available in less than 48h in most cases.

Where do I take my samples? Your sample will be collected by one of our members of staff at the clinic you attend and sent to a lab for analysis. What type of test is it? The main type of test required for travel its a PCR Test. We offer these tests at our approved labs. What if I require tests for multiple people? Great, just give us a call and one of our representatives will be happy to help. If there is a large group of you we may be able to offer a discount. Discover extra information on