Top dental implant training

Top dental implant training? Hosted at the London College of Oral Implantology (LCOI). If you are looking for one of the best and most comprehensive postgraduate course in implant dentistry in the UK, then LCOI can help. Our dental implant training course consists of Clinical components to complete the treatment of a minimum 2 patients provided by a mentor at a accredited training centre. See more information on Read even more info on dental implant courses.

Will I be provided with free mentoring during the course or after? Yes, when you have been allocated to an available local training centre, you will be provided with a supervisor who is responsible for providing you with 2 live surgery observations, providing and supervising of 2 clinical cases until the treatments are completed. In addition to these 2 cases provided by your mentor, you have the option to take your own patients to the centre if you wish to treat more patients under direct supervision (Based on mutual agreement between you and your mentor). After completion of the course, if you still require mentor support, your mentor can discuss the arrangements with you. This will be arranged independently between you and your mentor and not in association with LCOI College.

After successful completion, candidates are welcome to attend regular study clubs free of charge to bring their cases for discussion and to review scientific articles to build up their core knowledge and confidence. Only the best is good enough We look forward to helping you to achieve the next level of your professional career. We are committed to excellence. We offer lectures, hands-on workshops, relevant reviews of literature emphasising evidence based learning and observations/assisting of live surgeries. We offer treatment of patients under supervision with high clinical standards.

What makes this course so unique? This is an innovative dental implant training programme offering dental practitioners with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high quality dental treatment in a safe environment. Patients and mentor are provided by the course. In addition to the two patients provided by the course, you have the opportunity to place up to 20 implants to improve your skills and confidence subject to terms and conditions. Read even more info on