Blister grafting for vitiligo

The dermatological center Novena Medical offers its patients a high performance vitiligo treatment, thanks to the Excimer system. Vitiligo is an autoimmune, genetic, common skin disease characterized by the loss of pigment in certain areas of the skin, thus forming irregular white spots. The skin retains its normal texture. Vitiligo can occur at any age.

Vitiligo is not a contagious disease. The exact cause of the disease is not well understood, although it seems to be the result of combinations of genetic, immunological, biochemical and neurogenic factors. Although this disease has no other known effects on the body, the psychological and social effects are well documented. Today, vitiligo is a treatable condition, although a vitiligo treatment can take up to 2 or more years to restore pigment, and repigmentation is not always 100%.

The Novena Medical Clinic offers patients with vitiligo the Excimer system, the phototherapy system with the best results in the repigmentation of the plates in this condition. We use the latest European and American protocols.

Vitiligo Treatment : blister grafting for Vitiligo. If you are suffering from vitiligo, you must first avoid unprotected exposure to the sun, and then decide if you prefer to use medication or surgery to get rid of the symptoms of the disease. Vitiligo treatment is often aimed at repigmenting white spots on the skin.

Before choosing a treatment for vitiligo, you should consider the number of white spots and how large they are on the skin. Some treatments are not suitable for everyone. Moreover, they can have unwanted side effects. The treatment can extend over a long period and sometimes it may even not work.

When you suffer from vitiligo, skin depigmentation cannot be stopped by any medicine.

But there are certain pills that, used alone or in combination with light therapy, can help you improve the appearance of your skin.

You can also choose creams based on topical corticosteroids, because they can control inflammation and help your skin to repigment. When using this treatment for vitiligo, you may not see a change in skin color for several months. Corticosteroid-based cream is effective and easy to use, but it can cause side effects, such as thinning the skin or lines or lines on its surface.

For healing, you can also use a vitamin D cream topical calcipotriena, along with costicosteroids and ultraviolet light. Side effects of this treatment for vitiligo include dry skin, rashes and itching.

Laser therapy has been shown to be effective in repigmenting small skin surfaces and is often used in combination with a medicine applied to the skin. Adverse reactions may include redness and blisters.

If vitiligo is widespread on the skin and no other treatment has worked, you may choose to undergo skin depigmentation therapy, which involves applying a monobenzylether ointment to healthy skin areas. Gradually, it will lighten the skin surfaces on which it is applied.

In time, there will be no difference between the stains caused by vitiligo and the rest of the skin. Therapy is performed twice daily for nine months or more. You will need to avoid direct contact with other people’s skin at least two hours after application. The process is permanent and irreversible.

If the drug treatment and the laser treatment did not bear fruit, you can call for surgery.

By skin grafts, the doctor removes very small sections of the unaffected skin and attaches them to the depigmented areas. This procedure is used if vitiligo is spread on small areas of skin. Possible risks include infections, scars and an unpleasant appearance of the skin.

Another medical technique involves tattooing or micro-pigmentation of the affected skin. The doctor will use a special surgical tool for the pigment implant in the skin. This procedure is effective around the lips, especially for people with dark skin. However, the tendency of the tattoos to fade and the difficulty of matching them to the natural color of the skin make this method have no effective results.

If you suffer from vitiligo, there are treatment options that can lessen the effects of the disease on your body. Try the treatment for the vitiligo that suits you. In time, you can regain your skin completely pigmented and healthy looking!

How much does it cost ? Excimer laser treatment cost: Here at the Novena Vitiligo Medical Centre, we dedicate ourselvesĀ to helping our patients better understand and treat their vitiligo. We are centrally located in Singapore and next to Novena MRT train station for ease of access. For our international clientele, we have a wealth of accommodation options nearby to facilitate ease of commute.